Thursday, 2 October 2014

First Count On Yourself

It was a typical single-storey village primary school constructed in "L" shape. The courtyard had a big Banyan tree to the left of the entrance flanked by few other trees.

Every morning the kids would assemble under the shade by forming straight parallel queues and sing a prayer. This would be followed by a pledge and National Anthem. The shrillness of their sound would reverberate across their village homes and fields where parents, busy in daily chores, would nurture the hope that one day their wards would land a good job in life. 

Alas! The dreams would soon shed their wings. Many of these dreams would die in their infancy unable to survive beyond middle-school. Why? Because of the lack of skills in English language. Yes, English. Just another language!!

And who would be responsible for this? The Teachers, that's what is told. For decades now!!

The Universal Choice
I used to think there were only three choices if someone were to be in a situation that he disliked:

(a) Accept the situation (b) leave the situation or (c) do something to change that situation

Apparently I was unaware of another option that in fact is the most prevalent one – Expect someone else to change the situation for you. It has in fact permeated every sphere of our lives.

We are happy simply passing over the buck to someone else. In the office, if I am not getting a pay hike then it is because my boss is biased and doesn't like me. At home, if I can't give time to my family then my office work is to be blamed for. If our kids get low grades then it is due to ineffective teachers. If they no longer listen to us then they have lost all kinds of manners. If our city is not clean then it is to due to the useless municipality or fellow citizens. If there is unruly traffic on the road then others don't know how to drive. If there is corruption then it is due to the system.

It is always THEM. Are we responsible for something? Ever???

The Victim
We are brilliant actors. The role we play the best is – playing a victim. We love to play a victim because it absolves us of any responsibility. The blame never stains our dress. It also grants us the permit to brag about what we might have been able to achieve otherwise.

The Buck Starts With You
For any positive change in circumstances, one must first own the responsibility for change. If you ever tend to blame someone/something for a situation, first have a peek into your own SELF. Reflect upon your own role. Then, and more importantly, reflect upon what you could do to change it because nothing will change unless you strive for it. After all, going through life expecting others to change things for you won't take you far.

Step up. Start counting on YOURSELF!!

As for the village school, only if few educated parents could come forward, improve their own English and then help the kids. They just have to count on themselves first.

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